Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting may be necessary for a number of reasons:

If you are having dental implants and it is determined that the bone from lip to tongue is not sufficient due to space, bone graft procedures  will be discussed with you since if an implant is too shallow it can cause a jaw crack or fracture.

If the lack of bone structure is in the upper jaw, we may perform a sinus bone graft.

Another alternative is guided bone (or tissue) regeneration where we place a special membrane under the gum that dissolves and protects the bone graft.

Bone grafts are done to repair defects that are caused by congenital defects or traumatic injury. We always try to utilize your own bone, which may be harvested from your skull, your hip or your tibia.

Certain Bone grafts can be done in an office setting, others have to be done in a hospital setting, it all depends on the amount required and the locations where the bone is harvested from.

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