Once we have determined what type of anesthesia you will undergo for your treatment, there are certain things that you will need to do prior to your surgery to avoid complications from the anesthesia.Many of these you will have heard of beforehand if you have undergone any type of surgical procedures.

    • A. Contact lenses, jewelry and dentures must be removed prior to surgery.
    • B. Lipstick, makeup, facial creams and nail polish should not be worn for surgery.
    • C. You must not eat or drink for at least eight hours prior to your appointment – if you are taking routine medications we will discuss these on a case by case basis.
    • D. If you contract a cold, the flu, have a sore throat or other malady, contact the office immediately as we may have to reschedule your surgery.
    • E. It is best not to smoke at least twelve hours before surgery (preferably sooner if possible) as this slows healing and increases bleeding.
    • F. On your surgery day you need to have an adult bring you to the office. That person needs to remain in the Reception area during your procedure and drive you back home as well as accompany you home after surgery. You should not drive or operate any type of machinery for at least twenty-four hours after surgery.
    • G. It is best if you wear loose fitting clothing (short sleeves or sleeves that can be rolled up past the elbow) and flat or low-heeled shoes.

If after undergoing anesthesia, and you have continued vomiting or are nauseous, you should contact our office immediately for instructions.