As with all extractions, bleeding is to be expected after multiple teeth are extracted. Biting down on gauze pads will generally help this and may be repeated as needed. Avoid hot liquids, exercise and keep your head elevated. Unless bleeding is severe, you should not remove your dentures (if you have them) though you should expect that there will be some oozing around them.

Applying ice packs for the first day and a half following multiple extractions will help not only with the bleeding but with any swelling that you may be experiencing. Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen will normally assist in pain management, though you may be given a prescription pain medication for the first couple of days. If the pain does not subside you should contact our office for further direction. Most often we prescribe an antibiotic to reduce your risk of infection.

You should completely finish this prescription (unless we advise otherwise) even if you are feeling fine.

It is important that you drink at least six to eight full glasses of fluids (avoiding alcohol) after extractions to reduce the risk of dehydration. A diet of liquids and soft foods is generally recommended until you feel more comfortable eating more solid foods. Rinsing with warm salt water will help remove food that lodges in the mouth and helps promote healing. This should not be done for at least twenty-four hours after the extractions. Once you receive approval to have your denture removed you should continue rinsing.

It is common for the area to swell for as many as two days and for swelling and discoloration to appear around your eyes. You can use warm moist packs after three days (cold packs until then) to help eliminate this swelling and discoloration. It is not unusual for you to develop a sore throat and cracking around the mouth. You can use a lip ointment to prevent the dryness. If you have a mild fever you may treat it with over-the-counter fever reducers. If however the fever lasts more than 2 to 3 days, you should contact us immediately.

If you were fitted with a dentures immediately after extraction, you may notice some sore spots. Typically your general dentist will see you 24 to 48 hours after placement of your dentures for appropriate adjustments that will help relieve any pressure spots. If left unadjusted, poorly fitted dentures can result in sores and prolonging of the healing process.