Often after impacted tooth exposure you will notice we have used a surgical packing. This helps keep your tooth exposed, but do not worry if the packing becomes dislodged or falls out, however do not remove it yourself.

If bleeding cannot be controlled by biting down on gauze pads, contact us for further instructions. Swelling of the area can be minimized with ice packs applied to the cheek in the area of the surgery and if it continues for more than thirty-six hours you may try heat packs instead.

As with any type of oral surgery, you should avoid hot liquids and hot foods (and very cold foods and liquids may cause pain as well) but unless instructed otherwise you may return to a normal diet as soon as you are comfortable enough to do so.

Pain treatment (whether over-the-counter or prescribed) should be started as soon as you notice the anesthetic we used for the procedure wearing off to keep it under control. Keeping your mouth clean is imperative during the healing process, not only brushing (as best as you can) and flossing, but rinsing with warm salty water which will aid in the healing process. Helping keep the wound area clean will help you heal faster.